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Moments that Matter

Posted by: Matt

Life is made up of moments. Big ones. Little ones. Powerful ones. There are moments that define you. Moments that reveal who you are– sometimes even to yourself. For me, a good story is built around these moments. I recently did a blog post on the subject for WriteOnCon. Here’s an excerpt:


I remember watching the Olympics many years ago and an American swimmer was being interviewed. I don’t remember his name. I guess it’s not important. What is important is that he was heavily favored for his event. So much so, that in the interview, he spoke as if it were a given that he’d be taking home the gold. If I recall, he said something along the lines of the following:

“I don’t need the medal. I’m going to give the medal to some people who I care a great deal about. They can have the medal, that’s for them. I have the moment. The moment is everything.”


Click here for the full post. (Thanks again to WriteOnCon co-founder, the uber-talented Shannon Whitney Messenger).

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